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Partners in Education

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Partners in Education

We are thankful for the Community Partners in Education that support our educational efforts at Elkmont Elementary School!  The following community partners have been instrumental in assisting us in our educational endeavors.  We are always looking to establish partnerships within our community.  If you are interested in partnering with us, please use the contact information above.  


PPG provides our school with approximately $10,000 in grant money each year to support student learning projects and programs.  Over the past 2 years they have funded STEM based educational projects for individual classrooms and have brought in 2 Carnegie Mellon programs for our students and teachers.  We appreciate their constant support for STEM Education at Elkmont Elementary!  

Steelcase has made several donations of furniture over the past several years to Elkmont High School.  This summer they sent in a cleaning crew to assist us in cleaning up our school after a large construction project.  We appreciate all time and effort they spend in making our school a better place!  

Citizens Bank and Trust of Elkmont has provided us with many donations for supporting our school.  Last year they donated a frisbee to every child as part of a fundraiser program, they have make routine monetary donations to assist with the daily operations of our school, and 


EFI has provided our school with monetray dontations towards specific project.  They recently dontated $200 towards a Family Involvement project at Elkmont Elementary School.  We appreciate their dedication to our school!  


Gin House BBQ makes frequent food dontations to our school to support various causes.  We appreciate their willingness to always help!  

Dollar General at Elkmont makes routine dontations of school supplies and food items for our students in need of additional support.  We appreciate their dedication to the students and families in our community.